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31 May 2023
Busitalia Veneto, the Bus&Bike summer service in Rovigo is starting

Busitalia Veneto presented the Bus&Bici summer service, active from Sunday 11 June 2023 to Tuesday 12 September 2023, which offers residents and tourists the opportunity to explore the wonderful Po Delta area by bicycle, using the equipped suburban buses.

26 May 2023
With Busitalia over 1200 students visiting the exhibition about Perugino at the National Gallery of Umbria

Over 1,200 students transported from 16 March to visit the National Gallery of Umbria

23 May 2023
Busitalia Veneto, the experimental real-time service is underway

From 23 May 2023; at the tram stops and 3-9-24 urban lines 

17 May 2023
Busitalia Umbria, the moving pavements in Spoleto are operational again

Connection between the Posterna car park and Piazza Campello; a modern and sustainable solution for public transport.


Only the search for a balance among financial, social and environmental sustainability can lead to a sound and lasting development of our company and our Country.

Sustainability Policy

Busitalia, through its international experience, sees public transport's role as crucial in the transition towards a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable future - we therefore consider it our responsibility to commit publicly and formally to targets and the actions they entail.


Busitalia is committed to a progressive renewal of its bus fleet, with the aim of replacing buses with lower environmental classes (Euro 2, 3, 4), more polluting, with buses capable of offering the best standards in terms of environmental respect.