SALGO is the app of Busitalia in Umbria that allows you to plan urban and suburban travels with Busitalia services in Umbria and to purchase travel tickets, including urban and suburban services and tickets for Umbria Airlink service.


With SALGO you can:


Find the fastest and most comfortable way to reach your chosen destination from your current location or from a specified address.


Pinpoint the closest stops to you and check the distance from your location or a specified address.


Get information about urban and suburban lines that pass through each stop.


Tickets for Busitalia's urban, suburban services and Umbria Airlink can be purchased directly from the app.


See the news about the service and find out about the detours in progress.

TPL UMBRIA-UNIPG Pass is an annual travel pass valid until 31st October 2023, designed for students of University of Perugia.

How does it work?

SALGO is renewed and its functions increase, to facilitate your movements throughout the region: new function for consulting timetables and calculating routes; the number of tickets that can be purchased are increased.

Plan your travel

With the new SALGO "Calculate route" feature, by entering the departure and arrival addresses, the chosen day and time, it is possible to obtain all the information about the journey, with the various possible solutions: lines, timetables, stops, connections and travel times.

Timetables and stops

Using the "Timetables and stops" button it is possible to know the lines and times of passage of the selected stop; by clicking on the map symbol, SALGO app also displays the position of the stop itself, with directions for reaching it.

Which tickets can be purchased from SALGO app?

Ordinary urban tickets of Amelia, Assisi, Città di Castello, Foligno, Gualdo Tadino, Gubbio, Narni, Orvieto, Spoleto, Terni, Todi.

Fixed rate tickets: Umbria Airlink and reduced Umbria Airlink, one way ticket E433 Orte - Rome Tiburtina line, one way ticket E433 Terni - Rome Tiburtina line, one way ticket E433 Cascia/Norcia - Rome Tiburtina line, one way ticket E621 Terni - Marmore line, one way ticket E621 Terni - Scheggino line, one way ticket E624 Terni - Piediluco line, one way ticket E652 Orvieto - Bolsena line, bike supplement E401 Spoleto - Norcia line, bike supplement E621 Terni - Marmore - Scheggino line.

Buy tickets of bus services with SALGO

With SALGO you can buy the ordinary ticket for urban public transport services and for many suburban routes of particular tourist interest, including tickets for Umbria Airlink service.

Go to "Buy tickets and subscriptions - fixed rate tickets" and choose the ticket of your interest.

During the trip it is necessary to bring the device (smartphone, tablet) with which the purchase was made and validate the ticket immediately before boarding.

The ticket purchased on SALGO is personal and must always be validated (or activated) before boarding the vehicle, using the appropriate "Activate" function on the app. In the event of failure to validate, the traveler is subject to the sanctions envisaged for those without a regular and valid travel document. Any ticket printouts or payment receipts are not valid for travel.

Tickets purchased on SALGO can be used within 6 calendar months from the day of purchase and are non-refundable. Digital tickets of Umbria Airlink service can't be used after 28/10/2024, unless there are subsequent provisions.

University student? Use SALGO to travel with your digital TPL UMBRIA-UNIPG Pass

University students holding UMBRIA-UNIPG TPL Passes can travel on enabled services exclusively with their Digital Pass, available on SALGO app in the "MY TICKETS" section.

Your Pass will be available on the SALGO app, installed on your smartphone after purchasing the Pass on the Busitalia digital purchase portal.


Take your bike on the bus on E401 and E621 lines

Buy the bike supplement with SALGO app.
The bike supplement can only be purchased through SALGO app. Bicycle transport is possible on some routes of E401 and E621 lines until the maximum capacity allowed by the bike rack is reached: the purchase of the supplement does not guarantee the transport of the bicycle if the maximum allowed capacity has been exceeded. To make sure of the availability of bike spaces on the route of interest, contact our customer service in advance at tel. 0744 492703 (Mon - Fri 8:00 - 14:00; 15:00 - 18:00).

After checking the availability of bike spaces and purchasing the supplement, you must also validate the bike supplement as if it were a ticket. The bike supplement is non-refundable.

During the trip it is necessary to bring the device (smartphone, tablet) with which the purchase was made and validate the title and bike supplement immediately before boarding.