How does it work?

SALGO is the Busitalia app that allows you to book a seat and buy a ticket from your smartphone on a selection of urban and suburban lines of local public transport in Umbria.

Not sure how to use SALGO app? Download the guide here.



Book your ride, buy your ticket and travel safely.
Select the line and the route from the home of the SALGO app, book your seat and purchase at the same time your ticket on the suburban lines:


  • To travel, in addition to booking, it is necessary to have a valid ticket. If you don't already have it, buy your ticket on SALGO when booking your seat.
  • The reservation and the ticket must always be validated as soon as you board the bus. Go to "Reservations and tickets" and click on "ACTIVATE". Even if you are traveling with a paper ticket, you must validate the booking via the app.
  • For the entire duration of the trip, it is necessary to carry the device (smartphone, tablet) with which the booking was made, in order to be able to show the ticket upon request of the Busitalia staff in charge.



Once you have boarded and validated your reservation, take a seat on the left in the "SALGO" reserved seating area .

Buy the ticket on SALGO and skip the line.
With SALGO you can also buy tickets for other lines, suburban and urban, which do not require a seat reservation. Go to "Buy the ticket" and choose the service of your interest:


The ticket must be validated as soon as you board the bus. Go to "Reservations and tickets", select the ticket you purchased and select the "ACTIVATE" button.
For all information on timetables and booking of the TRMAR lines, visit the dedicated page.

Take your bike on the bus on E401 and E621 lines
Buy the bike supplement with SALGO app.
The bike supplement can only be purchased through SALGO app. Bicycle transport is possible on some routes of E401 and E621 lines until the maximum capacity allowed by the bike rack is reached: the purchase of the supplement does not guarantee the transport of the bicycle if the maximum allowed capacity has been exceeded. To make sure of the availability of bike spaces on the route of interest, contact customer service in advance at tel. 0744 492703 (Mon - Fri 8:00 - 14:00; 15:00 - 18:00).



After checking the availability of bike spaces and purchasing the supplement, you must also validate the bike supplement as if it were a ticket.