Our Company considers customers’ requests, comments and suggestions concerning the services we provide to be essential.
Customers’ opinions on the different aspects of the service are a key tool for measuring company performance.

Busitalia has a special procedure and dedicated offices to handle customer comments and complaints, providing customers with an appropriate response within the established times, using the "Voce del Cliente" form, to be filled out with the data of the trip and the reason for the comment.

The comment must be identified in the sender (name, surname, contact details), in order to proceed with the complete management of the complaint and provide an appropriate response to the Customer.

“Voce del Cliente” form is available on this page.

As an alternative, it is possible to send comments to addresses made available by territories, which can be viewed on the CONTACT AND SUPPORT page.

Comments by e-mail must have the words “COMPLAINT/COMMENT” in the subject field.

Busitalia puts efforts into processing all requests and justifying its response within 30 days from the date of receipt (in cases of particular complexity, several days may pass, in any case no later than 90 days, however providing an appropriate intermediate response to the customer).

Pursuant to the Regulations on the Travelers' Rights, it is specified that each passenger, after having submitted a complaint to the carrier, after the deadlines indicated in the aforementioned regulations, can lodge a complaint with Autorità di Regolazione Trasporti for alleged infringements of the regulations in the manner established by same Autorità.