Busitalia’s mission is to contribute to sustainable development of the Country and to increase its own dimension in regional public transport with profitability, working towards environmental sustainability, innovation and safety, customising services and digital development, as well as integration.

Our core business is regional transport, which plays a complementary and supplemental role to railway: in urban centres it is the last mile, and in extra-urban areas it completes the rail infrastructure.

In both cases, public regional transport supplements and completes the contribution of the railways to the sustainable development of the Country.

People travelling with us and people working with us are the core of every company process: contributing to sustainable development of the country means improving the services provided, in order to increase the number of passengers carried and grow in volume, and creates the conditions for profitability which are the lever for supporting investments allowing us to improve our offer.

The experience with travel dictated by Busitalia’s mission takes the shape of practical projects:

  • Environmental sustainability through considerable investments for renewing the fleet, introducing Euro 6 buses with low environmental impact and/or powered by organic Diesel fuel, hybrid, electric and hydrogen-powered buses.
  • Innovation and safety, providing buses with the most innovative technologies (e.g. vehicle diagnosis systems and systems for monitoring the way of driving, auxiliary aids for active and passive driving safety, video surveillance, guided driving systems) to improve standards of reliability and travelling safety and guarantee passenger safety.

  • Customised services and digital innovation to provide real time information about services and make buying tickets easier, helping the people travelling with us in every phase of their travelling experience.

  • Integration with other transport services to facilitate combined use and modal interchange between various kinds of urban and extraurban road and rail transport services, offering the traveller a unique and positive travelling experience which will accompany him to the last mile.