Busitalia - Sita Nord

Busitalia – Sita Nord is the FS Italiane Group company which mainly provides bus transport services. The company operates in Italy - in Veneto, Toscana, Umbria and Campania - and in the Netherlands, in the areas of Utrecht and Groningen-Drenthe.

The leader in passenger transport on the road, Busitalia has 5.200 employees and 2.600 buses.

Busitalia’s core business is local public transport, urban, suburban and extra-urban, on the road, delivered directly - as in Umbria - or through subsidiary companies: Busitalia Veneto operates in Veneto, while in Campania the service is entrusted to Busitalia Campania. In Toscana, Busitalia managed suburban and urban services until 31st October 2021, the latter in the metropolitan area of Florence with the subsidiary Ataf Gestioni. In the Netherlands, it works through the company Qbuzz, third public local transport operator in the country.

In 2022, Busitalia drove about 151 million bus-km.

Besides LPT connections, Busitalia also manages other kinds of transport, including the tram in Padova, the former Ferrovia Centrale Umbra railway, navigation on the Trasimeno Lake, alternative mobility in the cities of Umbria, and some free-market lines.

Busitalia also shares in the management of City Sightseeing lines in Florence, Venice and Naples, and, on behalf of Trenitalia, through the subsidiary Busitalia Rail Service, it organises replacement and integrated railway services all over Italy, including FrecciaLink connections; through Savit, it also provides maintenance services on vehicles, including for third parties.

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