Is a ticket issued when purchasing with CONTACTLESS?

No physical/paper tickets are issued. The CONTACTLESS ticket purchased is a digital ticket generated after placing the payment card near the reader located near the central doors of the tram.

If, when the payment card is placed on the reader, a message confirming the successful completion of the operation is received - the green LED on the top of the device lights up - this means that the purchase was successful and that the ticket is valid: by accessing and registering the payment card used, you can view your TAPs and ticket purchase history in real time.

When I place the payment card on the reader, the green LED does not light up, but the blue light remains. What does this mean?

The purchase was not successful and the most frequent causes are that the payment card used is not a "contactless" card, it is not one of the enabled circuits (which are currently Mastercard, Maestro, Visa and V-Pay); in the case of a rechargeable card, check whether there is enough credit to purchase the ticket. If problems persist, contact your bank, and explain the problem. Meanwhile, in order to travel you will need to obtain a valid ticket promptly.

When I place the payment card on the reader, the red LED lights up. What does this mean?

The purchase was not successful and the most frequent causes are that the card has expired, blocked or, in the case of a rechargeable card, does not have enough remaining credit. If problems persist, contact your bank and explain the problem. Meanwhile, in order to travel you will need to obtain a valid ticket promptly.

No light is lit on the on-board reader. What does this mean?

If no light is lit on the reader (neither the front nor the top LED lights), it means that the reader is not working and therefore it will not be possible to make any contactless purchases: check if the other reader on board the tram is working. A blue light on the LED at the top of the device indicates that the reader is in operation and available for CONTACTLESS purchasing mode.

Are there any tips I can follow?

Avoid placing several cards close to the reader at the same time, as errors may be generated.

If I transfer to another tram, do I still have to do another TAP even if I bought my ticket within the 90 minutes?

Yes, it is always compulsory to validate when transferring to another tram. This operation, if carried out within 90 minutes of the first TAP, does not involve the purchase of an additional ticket and therefore does not entail any additional payment.

Does the obligation to validate also apply when transferring to a bus?

No, it is only compulsory when transferring to trams. CONTACTLESS ticket is valid only in the TU1 Fare Zone (in other words, within the Municipality of Padova) and within 90 minutes of purchasing the ticket.

Can I buy a CONTACTLESS ticket on the bus?

No, CONTACTLESS tickets can only be purchased on board trams, by placing your physical or virtual payment card on the reader near the central tram doors. There are currently no CONTACTLESS-enabled readers in buses.

Do I have to register before I can buy with CONTACTLESS?

No, this is not necessary. Registration on the website is not mandatory, but it is useful to check tickets purchased and payments made.

How can I check my payments?

On the website (which can also be reached by framing the qr-code on the information panel above the reader) the customer can register by filling in the form and registering the payment card used for real-time viewing of each TAP ticket purchased aboard the vehicles and, subsequently, the tickets purchased and the relative price.

Registration must be done using the same card used to pay for the journey. For reasons not dependent on Busitalia Veneto but on the rules of banking circuits, at this time, this function is only available for credit cards and not ATM cards or other contactless devices.

I have registered but cannot connect my valid payment card: why?

Registration through the website can be done at any time, but pairing your payment card is only possible after the first TAP aboard the bus.

Who guarantees the security of the payment?

We would like to point out that no data relating to your bank card is stored by Busitalia Veneto. This new service meets the security standards required for any contactless payment transaction. Contact your bank for any information on enabling and using your card.

Can I use my card to let other people who are travelling with me through?

No. Each card allows only one passenger to travel at a time.

Is it possible to receive a debit on a day on which I did not make a trip?

Yes, it is normal. Charges are made a few days after the trip and the time depends on the bank circuits.

When is the travel payment charged?

The cost of the ticket is debited approximately two to three working days after the date of travel and can be recognised through the reason for the transaction, referred to as Busitalia Veneto Spa Padova.

Why don't I see the ticket debit in real time on my bank's app?

The ticket is issued in real time, but the charge is made later and aggregated per day (for example, if you have made two journeys more than 90 minutes apart, you will be charged two tickets for a total of € 3,40).

I received a text message from my bank saying "a € 5,20 transaction has been authorised". Why?

It is not a debit, but a pre-authorisation provided by the Maestro banking circuit and not related to the Busitalia Veneto system. The same occurs, for example, when paying for fuel at self-service stations. The correct price is only calculated at the end of the day and charged subsequently.

You have charged me 0,02 Euro more. Why?

This is not a charge. This is an authorisation request made when you first register in the secure area of the website to check the validity of your payment card.

Why does my card not work?

There may be different reasons due to the banking circuit, the main ones are listed below:

  • the card does not belong to one of the approved circuits;
  • the card belongs to one of the approved circuits but it is not contactless;
  • the card is contactless but has never before been used for a retail payment at a merchant (CLESS function has not been activated);
  • the card is in default (the current account does not have a sufficient balance, is blocked or other reasons);
  • the card has expired.

In any case, we suggest that you contact your bank and tell them about this problem.

Does payment work with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and other banking services on telephones, watches, or other devices?

Yes. The system works with all devices where a card belonging to the enabled circuits has been memorised.

How can I see the charges for tickets paid for with my virtual card (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.)?

At the moment it is not possible to do this from the private area of the website, they can only be viewed on your card statement.

How can I be sure that the confidentiality of data is not violated when checking the card?

The controllers' devices cannot access the bank security data on the card. In any case, the user must provide only the first 6 and last 4 digits of the card. Our staff are not authorised to request further information for the protection of users.

Is there a risk of the card being cloned?

No. Readers are certified by the banks that issue their cards. The Busitalia Veneto Contactless service meets the security standards required for any contactless payment transaction.

How can I be sure that the privacy of my data will not be violated by using the card?

In no way does Busitalia Veneto store the data of the card or its holder.