In order to pay contactless, you must have a valid contactless payment card (physical or virtual) from one of the circuits currently enabled: Mastercard, Maestro, Visa and V-Pay.

Contactless payment can be used to purchase an ordinary Padua TU1 urban ticket for €1,70, valid for 90 minutes. The ticket will be in digital form (not paper).

Contactless purchasing is active on all Busitalia Veneto trams in Padua: this method is in addition to the others already available.

To pay contactless, you will need to "TAP" your payment card (physical or virtual) on the card reader located at the central doors of the tram, and wait for the signal confirming that the operation has been completed. The reader will not issue a paper receipt.

A blue light on the LED at the top of the device indicates that the reader is in operation and available for CONTACTLESS purchasing mode.

The signal that the operation has been successfully completed is a green light on the LED on the top of the device.

If the operation is unsuccessful, the light of the LED on the top of the device remains blue (card not recognised) or turns red (card not enabled for ticket purchase).

If the operation is unsuccessful, you must promptly obtain a valid ticket in order not to incur any penalties.

If you are not sure about the outcome of the operation, you can make a new TAP to check if the green light on the led located on the top of the device turns on: no additional ticket will be charged.

In the event of inspection, show the Busitalia Veneto staff the payment card with which the operation was carried out and provide the first 6 and last 4 numbers of the card.

If you switch to another tram, you must TAP your card again on the new card reader; if you do this within 90 minutes of the first TAP, you will not be charged for a new ticket. You will not need to TAP again if you switch to a bus.

Register your card on to see each TAP made on board the trams in real time, and subsequently the tickets you have purchased and their price.

Charges will be made according to the rules of the card circuit.

For anything not covered here, the rules set out in the Busitalia Veneto Conditions of Carriage (ref. Service Guide - Travel Rules) apply.


Conditions valid from 26/04/2021.