The conscious and responsible collaboration of each passenger, through compliance with public health regulations and the new rules for using public transport services, is essential to ensure a safe journey for travelers and staff.

Wear the mask for the protection of nose and mouth, all trip long.

The obligation to wear FFP2 type masks remains in force until September 30, 2022.

Children under the age of six, people with pathologies or disabilities incompatible with its use and those who have to communicate with a person with disabilities are not obliged to wear the mask.


Frequently sanitize your hands during the travel.


Follow the signs and the paths described.


Do not travel if you have flu like symptoms (fever, cough, cold)

Respect of the rules of conduct is entrusted to each traveler's sense of individual responsibility.

Non-compliance with the rules can involve the interruption of service.

The bus driver is never responsible for passengers behavior not matching with the reported rules.


Daily disinfection of surfaces.


Regular sanitation and disinfection of air-conditioning systems.